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  • Friday Link Pack
    This is STUUUUUNNNNING! ‘Ama’ is a short film performed and directed by deep sea diver and filmmaker Julie Gautier. – Ask a New Yorker on Gothamist is back. (via) – This story! For six decades, ‘the man with the golden arm’ donated blood — and saved 2.4 million babies – Remember when frontend was fun? […]
  • This Top:
    Who is this by? I love it.
  • I
    A short film about Milton Glaser, the creator of the infamous I Heart NY symbol and his struggle to find love for the city in a trying time.
  • Forever Rainbow
    Love this Forever Rainbow Tattly by Ben Wagner. Also available as a pin.
  • Optimism
    When Kelli Anderson and Maria Popova collaborate, magic happens. How beautiful is this stop motion illustrating a poem by Jane Hirshfeld?